Predictable Pricing

A Change membership costs $120 for the first month and then $60/month thereafter, with a one year commitment.


Customizable Care

Each patient's model of care using the Change membership is customized with their physician. 

The Change membership is not unlimited care, and it is not a punch card for monthly visits. Rather it is a way to proactively plan for the type of ongoing care that will optimize your health, and to pay for it in a gradual and predictable way.



Below are some examples to understand the scope of care covered by a membership. 


Example 1 - Naturopathic Newbie:

1 hour getting to know you + history taking visit, 1 closely spaced follow up for recommendations. Three email/phone checkins to maintain plan, then follow up once every few months.

Example 2 - Acute Concern: 

1 assessment visit, 2-3 close follow ups. Come back 1-2 times for preventative care.

Example 3 - No major health concerns: 

Booking twice a year for comprehensive diet & lifestyle follow up. Advice throughout the year, offered on supplements, food, exercise as needed.

Example 4 - Chronic condition: 

1 visit every few months to reassess treatments with alternating monthly phone/emails check-ins for symptom management.

Example 5 - Complex Concern: 

3 visits closely together, plan initiated, brief consults every 2 months.

Example "NoGo" - Needing more than 10 lengthy consultations/treatments per year:

This situation is not well suited to the Change model, though there are still several options for you through a regular fee-for-service model.


Mutual Understanding

The Change membership is a commitment that allows both physician and patient to offer their most to the relationship. Here are some details for how that works:

  • Your trusted annual commitment allows your care to be regular, and for costs to be spread over the year, rather than immediate-per-minute cost for each interaction.
  • If your practitioner is unavailable for more than 4 weeks at a time, the additional time will be added to your membership.
  • If your care requires in excess of the agreed upon model of care, you will be asked to return to a fee-for-service model.
  • If you have requested support by email, but the response would be extensive, your practitioner may ask you to come in.
  • Fees paid are non-refundable.
  • Payments/consults do not roll over into the next year.
  • Cancellations aren't cool. But if you end up needing to, 2 months worth of fees will be collected post written notice of cancellation, as a cancellation payment.