Frequently Asked Questions

What does care and expertise include? 

Booking visits as needed for conditions and concerns, call or write to ask quick questions about treatments and seek preventative care rather than waiting until you develop a serious problem. 

Phone or email are appropriate for quick questions, but may not be appropriate for all types of communication. Your Change practitioner may decide that an in-person consultation is required for certain advice. If your practitioner has prescribed medications, or if you need signatures, you must see them annually.  


Are Change practitioners available 24/7?

No. Office hours are posted by your practitioner and are the recommended hours of consultation. Phone calls and emails are used as a form of communication, but practitioners are granted business 3 days to respond. If your situation is urgent, please do not wait for a visit or depend on email. Your practitioner is your resource, but remember they also need to sleep, eat and play.  If your practitioner is unavailable for more than 4 weeks at a time (ie; on holiday), any additional days will be added on to your membership.

If you think your situation is an emergency and you cannot contact your practitioner, do not delay! Please call 911 or the BC nurses hotline - 811. 


What does your fee not cover?

The monthly membership fee, includes your medical visit(s) and any hands on treatments that a practitioner offers as part of their recommendations. It does not cover consults beyond what your practitioner recommends. It does not cover the cost of supplies such as injection supplies, injectables, lab work or requisitions - these costs will be provided up front - nor does it include your supplement recommendations or prescription at the pharmacy.  Basically if there are costs beyond care, expertise and recommendations, the cost will be discussed for you to choose your course of action.


Can I apply these fees to my insurance? 

Insurance companies will not approve of memberships and do not count email and phone calls as consultations, therefore membership fees cannot be covered or billed based on contact. If you use extended benefits, this plan may not be for you. Naturopathic Doctors are covered by many extended health benefits programmes when charging fee-for-service. Practitioners are not contracted with any insurance companies nor direct billing. Please contact your benefits department or plan provider to check your coverage amount and type & decide what is best for you. 


What if I don’t call/email/visit the doctor? Can I get my money back?

In a Change membership, you are not paying a fee-for-service, but rather joining with others to support the healthcare practitioner that supports you. There are officially no refunds on fees paid. If circumstances change for you, please alert your practitioner to cancel your membership. If you are close to allowing a year to pass without coming in, it is recommend to at least book in for an annual comprehensive appointment. While your doctor will remind you to book in periodically, they are not responsible for ensuring you book appointments within the year.



> Your Change membership fees are not a guarantee for cure, they grant flexibility for accessing high quality consultations & assessment. You have access to your practitioner's diverse education, skills and advice to address your concern. Often Change practitioners will also offer a treatment in-house (Acupuncture, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Soft Tissue Work, Injection Therapy). Some individuals may want to receive unlimited weekly treatments and this type of request is not financially sustainable for your practitioner. It clearly requires more time and attention than what the membership can sustain. You may be able to purchase separate packages for these repeat services, if this is the case.

> Your practitioner's time and expertise is valuable. The accessibility is honour system based, please don't exploit it. A Change membership is based on decreasing barriers to access, however if you find you are consistently requesting in excess of 10 lengthy treatments per year, your practitioner reserves the right to discuss the situation with you, and request that you return to the Fee-for-Service model.

> Circumstances change, people change, Change is supportive of your changes. Officially, payments are committed for 1 year and there are no refunds on fees paid, but the practitioner reserves the right to evaluate this on a case-by-case basis. In the event of a cancellation, 2 months worth of fees will be collected post written notice of cancellation, as a cancellation payment.